welcome! a small update.

hello. (picture me waving like mad here)

in order for us to move forward..I feel like we need to go - back. does that make sense? a full year has passed since I hit the pause button the business side of my life and I have an urge to play catch up.

before I get started I need to say. I’ve sat down to write this post so many times since the start of 2017. something has always gotten in the way - and in hindsight I am willing to honor the fact that it could be avoidance. 😉 but that’s okay.

but today? today it’s time.

this time last year things were going well. mikah was zooming along in life and we thought that things were… well. a’ok. she was attending school and therapy on the regular - after a 

slowly the cracks in her started to show and we ended up in the same position we were in a few years back. she was off her meds - running away for weeks at a time and was in and out of childrens hospital yet again. 

I felt like we were in this circle that was frozen in time. repeating the same loop over and over when we thought that we were beyond this point in our lives. as each layer of chaos was lifted - I soon discovered that we had been in a bit of denial about where we really were at. it took a lot of reflection and self-TOUGH love to see that. but - when I did, I knew it was time to break out of this cycle and do something different…finally.

now - this was in april of 2016. I had just launched my first group coaching program, my meal delivery business was flourishing and I was busy. but I knew it was time to make the choice. my business or my kid

in my brain - this was a no-brainer. to everyone around me? it was not obvious. family members didn’t understand - friends at the time couldn’t comprehend the idea of me loosing traction on something I had worked so hard to build. my husband supported it - but was frustrated at the time with the idea of life being disrupted again.

but my heart knew only one thing : this was a matter of life or death. it was finally getting that serious.

so I did what my heart was telling me to do...what it was aching for me to do.  I hit pause. and today, a year later I am in front of you a completely changed human. my family? we are with you as completely changed humans. 

so what's next? I feel like we need to go back to the start. I have had such wonderful feedback from friends and strangers alike about our story - so I am here to tell it. for the remainder of April I'll be reintroducing you to my family, our story.

absolutely none of this is about me. what I have come to realize is that my drive in live is to let people know that no matter what you are going through - there is good to be seen, felt and heard on the other side of whatever pain you are going through.

you are not alone. we are not alone. 

lets do this, shall we?

hugs, meme xx