spillin' the (potato) beans..

I’ve been talking about using sweet potatoes in my smoothies for like - a week now. I suppose it’s time to spill the…potatoes? 😂 I’ve been targeting inflammation for the last few weeks and these beautiful babies can help with that. and you know this - colorful food makes my little heart pitter patter so I have been alternating between purple and orange. I always batch cook a ton of them at some point during the week so I have them on deck and ready to go.

I highly suggest blasting this one in your blender until it’s warm. I know - sounds crazy but stay with me here. it’s been perfect at capturing that cozy AF feeling without the heaviness of other things we may reach for when we crave that vibe. each time I make this I end up on cloud 9 for the rest of my day.✨

1/2 sweet potato (skin on & cooked!)
1/2 c califia farms ginger turmeric almond milk
1/2 c ellenos turmeric yogurt (which is like AMAZING)
two scoops of vital proteins (#duh)
dash of: cinnamon / cardamon / ground cloves / sea salt

like everything I share - add, remove and shift whatever gets you going. just eat real food and we are like two peas in a pod. ❤️

happy almost friday, dudes! 😘

Marie Montemayor