what's in a name...

hi friends,

during my process of trying to figure out what to do with this space I was immeidately struck with a name crisis.

at this point in life I knew it was time to shift the name of this 'thing' into more of my truth that I've made it a point to step into over the last year or so. as you can imagine, it's hard to put into words the emotion I've felt along with the words that have sprung onto my page because of it. 

I knew this much. my calling has been to always see the good in everything. other humans, a bad day or even a long drawn out situation that was serving no purpose and only causing damage in my life. in every stumble - accident - hurt feeling and mess, I always have tried to find the beauty in it. it's beyond a silver lining really. it's being able to look an awful situation in the eye and say "you know what, you don't have the power over me that you think you do...so I am just going to tell you that you are amazing and serving a purpose in my life...". and, that hasn't been easy, but it has been my goal.

how does this relate to you? i'll explain. 

I've mentioned this quite a few times. I've talked with so many of you who are feeling weighed down by your mess and the feeling that you can't be honest with yourself and others. that you don't want to show those messy bits of yourself to the world. you hide away because you feel like it's what you have to do to feel safe and protected. 

I'm here to say, that's bullshit.

I want you to feel seen and heard. but most importantly? I want you to know that the hardships and emotions that you are facing in life creates the magic that links our stories to one another.  I want us to deepen the impact that we have on one another with each interaction. this causes us to really think about how we are treating each other on the daily.

most importantly? I want you to remember to embrace your messy. it's your story and your truth. I challenge you to step into the power that it holds for you.

and no matter what? you are not alone. 

xx, meme

Marie Montemayornotalone