on the glorification of the hustle....

as the former president of the ‘I answered 600 emails in my workday’, ‘I need to brag about how little I need to sleep’ and my favorite ‘I’M OKAY! R E A L L Y’ club - I know this is a hard habit to break. when I left my last startup I joked that I needed to go to rehab to learn to teach myself how to work less.

I’m totally serious when I say that.

years ago my mind was so wired to fix things within seconds. things would break, clients/customers would need me and it would feel like a surge of life or death panic in my life. deadlines would loom, I would crush them. life would be grand. I fed off the pats on the back and the constant ‘atta girl’. 

meanwhile - my life was falling apart. I was too tired to see what was going on around and inside me and distracted by the needs of others that should have been lower on my priority list. I would be up at 4am to work out for two hours sometimes before work and forward facing things looked great. a healthy diet, tons of kombucha and green juice, weight loss happening but on the inside all I wanted was a blanket and a nap. I now look back at my Facebook memories and get sad… always posting about how I was up all night or up early to get all the things done. but not much about nurturing myself or the real connections I wanted to make with people.

here is the deal - we don’t win a medal because we sat at our desk for 18 hours in a day and miss out on life and the growth we gain from our relationships with others.. that leads us down a slippery path of loosing our happy and that is no bueno. for me it looked like deciding to not work out.. or worse yet, working out when I was tired and hadn't slept for days and that equaled injuring my precious body.

I’ve been there, done that, written a lot about it to find out why. my answer was simple - I was chasing the wrong thing. I thought I could find peace and satisfaction in the wrong place, friends.

when we put ourselves in the arms of the end goal that drives us to this extreme we end up in the burn out phase. the need to get to the top and prove that you can do task a, b and c all at the same time gets to be too much. we start to worry to much about what others think/feel about us and reality can get a bit skewed. simple comments can be taken the wrong way - and babes, it’s a danger zone. we loose our calm and set out on a vicious journey to prove our worth to others which should NEVER be the goal. when you take the time to connect with your tribe they already love you as you are. you don't need to prove a damn thing. :) 

today - before your work week starts - find a way protect your precious energy and swoosh a breath of fresh air into your life. not your job. the hustle is always going to be there for you. but what would happen if you put up more boundaries to keep your life outside of work safe? take a look at what may be suffering….it could surprise you. you can fuel your day with green juices, workouts and sunshine - but if you aren’t taking care of the emotional needs that also need tender attention, you aren’t quite winning the battle. ❤️ we can hashtag #selfcare all we want - but, if we are only doing it for the ‘gram it doesn’t count. 😉  

happy sunday, friends. to a life filled with joy, ending the busy work of being busy…and learning how to #hustlehealthy. 

if you need any help trying to find balance shoot me a note - I am happy to be your sounding board. ❤️ 

xx, meme