on why I ditched the detox....

I have a secret to tell you : I used to be a detox junkie.

back in the day I felt like the only way I felt like I could control my food intake was trying every program I could get my hands on. my strength was in the constant restricting of food and it felt manageable. someone hands you a list and says ‘do this thing’ and my mind could totally wrap itself around that.

but here is the thing about most detoxes, cleanses and programs of the like. they don’t provide an exit plan. sure, most say how to add the recipes and mind sets to your everyday routine. but what about the root cause of what our eating patterns are. they can end up being fast fixes for emotional ties we have with food. and those can take a long time to uncover. this cycle causes us to not really pay attention to those answers we need to give ourselves to have a positive relationship with food. also - in some situations it can have you chasing an end goal that is not realistic - or be based on photos that aren’t rooted in the truth. hashtag instagramlies. 😉  

the one thing that was the most damaging for my relationship with food was being handed a list of foods that are ‘approved’ which for most folks makes them fall into the ‘good or bad’ category which can really play tricks with our minds…. and I’ll say it a million times. your body isn’t like mine and what works for one or a few most definitely won’t work for all. we are such unique humans and our needs are so very different. 

for years I spent time having this very on and off relationship with it. when I was on - I was on. when I was off? oh boy, I would keep some of the same habits but since I hadn’t really taken the time to address my emotional ties to food the moment I had a bad moment in time I found myself face first into foods that at no time in my life would I ever consider eating. it was the craziest thing. the constant deprivation put me in the emotional mindset of feeling like I needed to have it all if I wasn’t doing it correctly. you guessed it - the ‘go big or go home’ theory. 😉 

the one mantra that I kept saying over and over as my food/soul mind-reset started to happen was:

if the heart and mind aren’t right - the body cannot follow. 

now, I want you to say that out loud and see how that resonates with your soul. 

your heart. 

your body. 

your mind. 


as you say it let all the senses within you activate to really feel the words - not just read them. it is such a powerful thought. 

here is the thing about affirmations or mantras. until we really believe them and work on making them a true part of our mindset they are simply words. but when we really take them to heart and start practicing the meaning behind them is when they really take shape and can have so much power over our mindset. 

so that’s exactly what I did. in the fall of last year I vowed to ditch the detoxes and do what I have always said was important.

eat real food. 

I took myself out of the gluten free, sometimes vegan, paleo “kinda”, macro counting world of food labels. I made it absolutely simple. I would eat real food and listen to what my body wanted (within reason!) and I would stop depriving myself because I thought a type of food was “bad”. if I woke up wanting avocado toast - I would have it. if I wanted a huge salad with a runny egg for breakfast? I would have it. breakfast for dinner? SURE.

once I let go about of the stress of what I was consuming I found myself in this magical space of tuning into my body and it’s needs. knowing when to stop eating because I was really full. slowly and mindfully picking out meals based on the vibes that my body was sending me.

it’s completely transformed the way I feel about how I view food. and the best part? food feels oh so beautiful again. there is almost a fluid motion to it all. my digestive issues started to go away - and I seriously think I was making myself constipated because I was so stressed out over food! no joke! 😉 

so have no doubt my friend - you have the ability to tune into what your body really needs. it takes patience and a little bit of a learning curve but it is so worth it when you are on the other side of that change. I can look at something and say “this is going to make me feel great/tired/crummy….” and make a choice based on how it is fueling my body vs whipping out my approved foods list on my phone. 

to finally making peace with our plates.

xx, meme 

Marie Montemayor