zucchini? for breakfast? YEP!

while I am working through editing some older videos I wanted to share this snapchat video that I had filmed last year. I still totally make zoats on the regular and a few times a month I keep some already prepped in the fridge for the kids when I won't be around...or am totally sick of having to cook for them on the fly. ;) 

when things were really rough last year this became my go to when I wanted to spend some time on food but not a TON of time. that moving wakling meditation in the kitchen was always what kept me sane and even if it was the same dish a few times over and over again - my heart needed that time to fill up with that good energy we need to keep going.

soooo yeah, some of my tribe has looked at me like, zucchini for breakfast? YEP. no joke. sounds so strange but it is doable. our little green BFF is well hidden and deserves to be made into more than a zoodle. on the nutrition nerd side - zucchini is full of potassium, vitamin a & k and is kid approved because they will eat it without even blinking an eye.

it's totally doable to make this ahead of time as well. peep the video below. 

xx, meme